Maya Toys

Project Details

Gurgaon, 2019

About the Project

Our brief was to design a toy store keeping in mind the brand’s legacy in India surpassing half a century.
We sought to create a warm and inviting ambience for the retail store owned and run by family, complementing its genuine customer experience. The retail space is situated on the first floor of a corner building. With windows on three sides, the space is flooded with natural light, unlike a typical retail store. Rather than covering up the windows, we decided to keep them as it is and play up the fresh ambience so created with a blooming colour scheme comprising cerulean blue and pearly peach.
Classic molding details on glass panelled doors, the cashier and gift wrapping desks and distressed wooden flooring add a deliberate vintage vibe to the store.Gold embellishments in the form of brass hardware on doors, white and gold backlit logo at the reception desk and series of whimsical-shaped gold-toned light pendants above the reception desk add an air of sophistication.
For the display of toys, we could not and did not want to go with typical wall shelving. Instead, we designed display islands with niches for display and storage of multiple pieces. The height of the display shelving was kept below eye level so that an adult customer could get a glimpse of the entire store from one end while the zig-zag placement of the islands created myriad viewing frames for the little ones and could encourage them to go around the store. Electrical points were integrated within the display islands keeping in mind the growing selection of toy gadgets and smart toys. Few table displays were also added to adequately use available floor space. Hut shaped shelving open on both sides was created for window display.