The Firm​​

 Viaanca is an award winning Interior Design company based out of Delhi, India. We believe design lies at the confluence of art, craft and science. We aspire to synthesise these three disciplines in order to transform spaces into sensory experiences with expressive narratives. We pay attention to details and focus on aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. Started in early 2011, since then, we have undertaken residential as well as commercial interior design projects of repute.

Our design is contextual and always purposeful. We honour history, location and architecture in order to push the boundaries and challenge the rules. We curate our wealth of design knowledge and experience into every space that we design. This is achieved through constant exploration of design materiality and form.

Our qualified team of interior designers, architects, project managers and engineers seek to transform any given interior into an effective space for the purpose stated. Our multifaceted approach to design allows us to conceptualize a project, liaison with all stakeholders involved as well as manage and execute the project to its successful completion.

Design Philosophy​

Good Design is Simple.

The answer is a combination of multitude of qualities. In the case of interior design, there are multifarious subjective and objective aspects of functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, geography, culture, innovation, detailing, usability and intuition that need to be addressed. Even more as our expectations of design change, so do those qualities and the relationships between them. Yet simplicity can be said to be the keystone of good design and so it is the guiding principle of all our design work.

Good design meets its stated purpose. A good design is always simple in that you can imagine it no other way and that it belongs.

At Viaanca, we design interiors that express and evoke response in comfort, innovation and emotion. Our vision and interpretation of space and design allows us to create painstaking details with simple elegance and comfort.

Viaanca is the essence of simplicity in design.



Priyanka Puri

Founder & Principal

Ms Priyanka Puri completed her engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi in 2005 as a silver medalist. She went onto work in diverse fields of consulting and real estate for the next five years. Thereafter she pursued a formal education in design from Raffles Millenium International in order to start her entrepreneurial venture in Interior Design by the name of Viaanca Interiors in 2011.

Priyanka’s engineering background continues to inform her design work. It became her opportunity and point of differentiation as a designer. She draws her design inspiration from nature, travel and pluralism of Indian culture. She loves to research for her projects and according to her it is critical for designers to understand and internalise the purpose of each design project, to support their design choices and to put some context behind their design. She is committed to society and environment as a designer and believes it is a designer’s foremost responsibility to design spaces that promote healthy well being and sustainability. In her opinion, technology is carving out an evolutionary path for interior design through the use of virtual reality, augmented reality tools, automation and smart interiors.